Hairstyles Makeovers

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Add Side Swept Hair Bangs for a Simple Makeover

The best place to go if you are looking for a hairstyles makeover is to celebrity hairstyles galleries.  Celebrities typically have full time hair stylists that try to create the best look for their clients.  When it comes to celebrities, image is of utmost importance, so you can be certain that any hair style worn by a celebrity has been designed for the best possible appearance.

Some of the most popular makeover ideas come with adding hair bangs.  This is a very subtle makeover that doesn't require drastic changes to a cut.

Bangs help to frame the face, while camouflaging facial features that are unbalanced such as a high forehead or a narrow jaw line.  See more celebrity hairstyles examples and get going with your makeover.


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Are you sick and tired of the way you look and feel?  Maybe you are due for a total body makeover.  There are so many options for a makeover that don't have to cost you a fortune. Consider fast hairstyle, body, makeup makeovers that are quick and easy.

Hairstyles Makeovers
1. Add hair bangs- spice up your style fast with ever-so-popular side swept bangs
2. Change your hair color - go up or down one to two shades for a completely different look
3. Deep condition your hair - get all over soft, smooth and sexy hair with a weekly 30 minute deep conditioning.
4. Get a new haircut for your face shape- find out what your face shape and pick a hairstyle that works best

Body Makeovers
1. Wear flattering clothes- find out what your body type is and get some clothes that help you look your best. May need a wardrobe consultant or personal shopper's help
2. Lose some weight - just start eating less every day and walk around the block. Getting started on weight loss plans is the hardest. Just do it now.
3. Lift weights - strength training can do wonders for building muscles and changing the way your body looks.

Makeup Makeovers
1. Get a new foundation- sometimes the foundation you are using isn't getting the job done. Look at different brands out there and find one that might work for you better.  Some stores allow you to return makeup if you try it and don't like it or need to change colors.
2. Watch videos on how to apply makeup- could it be that you aren't applying your makeup correctly? Maybe there is a better way that might even be more flattering. Look around. New mineral makeup is applied in a very specific way.  See more options for makeovers

David Beckham Hairstyles

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This is a fabulous look for fine to medium hair. David's hair has been left longer at the top and sides to give the cut more texture. This design will work well on longer face shapes and will keep looking terrific with regular trims.

Beckham is wearing his hair much shorter now, sporting a buzz cut with slightly longer hair in the crown area.

See more David Beckham Hairstyles

Long Layered Hairstyles that are Easy

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Low Maintenance Long Layered Hairstyles

Everyone knows that a long hairstyle requires some extra maintenance, either extra styling time or more frequent haircuts to upkeep layering. Longer hair must be frequently conditioned to avoid dry or damaged ends and tangling.

This is a terrific low maintenance style which has been blended with a fabulous color. Christina's hair has had long layers cut through the back and shorter pieces through the sides and top. This is a great style for people who love body in their hair and is well suited for almost any face shape.

See more Long Layered Hairstyles

Jennifer Aniston Updos | Classic Hairstyles

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It's not very often that you see Jennifer Aniston wearing an updo hairstyle.  Typically she will be wearing her signature long layered hairstyle with waves mixed throughout for a beautiful look.

We love this style on Jennifer! This look is a fabulous upstyle which is very soft on the face and features a beautiful bun that has been styled neatly to the side. This look will suit most face shapes and is perfect for all occasions.

Here Jen has opted for extreme length for her lovely locks. This is a fabulous option for softening larger facial features as the feathery texture of the layering creates length in the face. This cut is best suited to medium to thick hair typesSee more Jennifer Aniston Hairstyles

Miley Cyrus Long Wavy Hairstyles Pictures Gallery

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Miley Cyrus's long loose layered Hair StyleMiley's hair has a slight wave, and a pair of sunglasses perched on top. On her right it falls close around her face, touching the corners of her eyebrow and mouth and covering her cheek completely. To her left the hair travels outwards more, following the curve of her cheek but not concealing it. Miley Cyrus has several shades of brown as her hair

Sharon Stone Short Pixie Cuts for Mature Women

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Celebrity Sharon Stone short hairstyleThis celebrity of Basic Instinct always looks good; her short straight hair exceptionally well. She still has her pale blonde hair we are all accustomed to seeing her with.Short celebrity hairstyleA razor cut brings pouf and behavioral control to this smooth haircut. If you’d like to look a little more like Sharon Stone, and wouldn’t we all? Well, we can

Two Toned Hairstyles with Bangs - Jessica Simpson Hair Trends

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Jessica Ann Simpson is an American singer and actress who rose to fame in the late 1990. . Simpson starred with her then-husband Nick Lachey in the MTV reality show Newlyweds: Nick and Jessica. She has also begun working as an actress, and is the older sister of Ashlee Simpson a pop rock singer.Jessica looks charming with bangs and two tone haircolorJessica Simpson is one of the most often

Sanaa Lathan Black Celebrity Hairstyles for Oval Faces

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A perfect, oval shaped face can wear any style as Sanaa Lathan demonstrates here. Not everyone can wear their hair short to medium length in a full volume of curls such as this, yet Ms. Lathan does this beautifully.Sanaa Lathan long curly hairstyleSanaa Lathan long curly hairstyleSanaa Lathan curly hairstyle for oval facesSanaa Lathan hairstyles for oval faceslong curly hairstyle

Angelina Jolie Long Hairstyle with Wavy Strands

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Celebrity Angelina Jolie long hairstyle

Amanda Bynes Long Layered Sedu Haircuts

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Long, straight styles.Amanda Bynes has a little razored framing as is today’s preference, and it really makes a difference in how it presents her beautiful face.

Nicole Richie Short Blonde Hairstyles for Thick Hair

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Nicole Richie short blonde hairstyleWell if Nicole Richie isn’t a sweetheart her baby certainly is! Either way the new mom and former co-star of The Simple Life is back on TV when she guest stars this fall on Chuck!Nicole Richie short blonde hair always looks stunning, no matter whether her hair is curly or straight. With bangs or without.Nicole Richie takes red pumps to a whole new level

Anna Wintour Bob Hairstyles for Older Women

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classic short Bob haircutAnna Wintour wears a classic short bob hairstyle where the ends are cut just around chin length and aligned close to the facial area.With the black sunglasses looks so cool!Anna Wintour bob haircutscelebrity Anna Wintour bob hairstyleAnna Wintour short Bob hairstyles

Cute Hairstyles

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Some of the cutest hairstyles today come to us from celebrity hair stylists. Since celebrities bank on their looks, their hairstyles are very important for business.

Many celebrities employ full time stylists to constantly change and improve their appearance.  A simple mention in the press about a new hairstyle can generate a lot of interest and even result in job offers.

In short, Celebrity Hairstyles are well though out and some of the brightest and most talented hair stylists create amazing cute hairstyles every day.  See celebrity cute hairstyles

How do you get a flattering hairstyle?

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Side swept bangs can be flattering

Have you ever been at a department store and tried on several different dresses in a dressing room? You might find that one particular dress looks much better on you than the others that you try. Why is that?

Well the big reason comes down to shape.  When it comes to your body, you have a definite shape. Some dresses will flatter certain shapes while other dresses will accentuate your flaws and make you look bad.

The same idea goes for your hairstyle.  If your hairstyle is really designed for someone with a long face and your face shape is round, then that hairstyle will not be very flattering.  The ticket is to find out what your face shape is and look for hairstyles that are designed for that shape.

Another great approach is to get several photos of hairstyles that you like and take them to your hairdresser at your next appointment.  Ask you stylist for his or her opinion on whether the hairstyles you have selected will look good on you. 

Don't forget to consider styling time when you are picking a new style.  Some styles will require a lot of styling time in the morning.

Celebrity Hairstyles for Round, Long, Oval Faces

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Celebrity Hair Cuts Celebrity Jessica Alba's Hair Cuts :Jessica Alba has long brown, straight hair in a ponytail style with a fringe, looks so cute Celebrity Rachel McAdams' long curly hairRachel McAdam has long curly hair worn as an updo, with French braids drawn over the head from one side to the other, and a large red flower as a decoration on the side.Celebrity hair styles Jessica

Celebrity Short Boyish Haircuts for Women

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Celebrity haircuts: Jessica Simpson's bob hairstyleNicole Richie blonde hair always looks stunning, no matter whether her hair is curly or straight. With bangs or without.Celebrity Hair Cuts Gallery - Rachel Celebrity haircuts: Katie Holmes

2010 Black Celebrity Modern Haircut Styles for Rihanna

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The always daring Rihanna sported a newly reconstructed faux hawk hairstyle for the grammys. This girl can pull off anything.If you want a short hairstyle you should know a short hairstyle that suits your face and your personality can drastically improve the way you feel, by boosting your confidence and making you look younger!2010 Celebrities Modern Hairstyles2010 Black Celebrity

Celebrity Short Updo with Side Bangs for 2010 Spring

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Jennifer Love Hewitt is beautiful with her hair pulled back into a high updo paired with flicked side bangs. This style is looking sleek with a medium layered fringe at the top making it more elegant to watch on such a beautiful face.Short Updo with Side Bangs for 2010 Spring

Celebrity Long Layered Haircuts for Straight Hair

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For women who love to change their hairstyle, layered haircuts of 2010 are the best option for them. These hairstyles can be long or short based upon your taste. The more precise the layering, you can see best results in the styling process.Celebrity Long Layered Haircuts 2010 for Straight HairCelebrity Long Layered Haircuts for Straight HairAmanda Bynes latest long layered hairstyle

2010 Medium Layered Hairstyles with Bangs

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The short haircut is hot, the long hairstyles are sexy,while the medium hairstyles are popular and beautiful! You can create hairstyles that short hair and long hair do! In the medium hairstyles, the layered hairstyles are specially popular in the season of 2010-2011 fashion.2010 Medium Layered Hairstyles with Bangs2010 Medium Layered Hairstyles with Bangs

Longer Layered Hairstyles

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Long layered hairstyles are very flattering and easy to take care of.  Jenny's style, see photo left, features long layers with slight waves added throughout the hair.  The hair has an indiscriminate part with long sweeping layers across the face area. The hair is extra smooth in the crown area with a hint of height on top.

The layers around the face are flipped out, creating a very open look that is bright and fresh.

Men Love Long Hairstyles

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A popular beauty magazine once interviewed 100 men and asked them what hairstyle they liked the best on women. Per usual, the long hairstyle was a favorite pick by the majority of men. While many long hairstyle can be hard to maintain, there are many options today that will make having a long hairstyle much easier.

One of these options is layering. Adding layers throughout a long hairstyle will make it much easier to style and keep looking good. The layers help to take the bulk out of the hair and help it to lay just right.

Another great option is to add hair bangs. There are many different types of bangs - long, side swept, fringe, short, choppy, layered and the full bang. Also, if you don't feel quite adventurous to get bangs cut, try out some clip in hair bangs for an instant new look. Check out some of the latest layering of long hairstyles

Celebrity Hairstyles Blog| Hair Styles Galleries: Short Hairstyles

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Celebrity Hairstyles Blog Hair Styles Galleries: Short Hairstyles

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Long Hairstyles

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Long Hairstyles

If you want to have a trendy hairstyle, then you should have a long hairstyle. That is and pretty much has been the case forever. Not all women, though, look good with long hair. If you are extra short, for example, you wouldn't want to have really long hair because it would make you look even shorter.

The key to getting a long hairstyle to look right is to design the cut so that the face shape is flattered and facial flaws, such as a high forehead, wide face or narrow chin are accented or camouflaged with the haircut.

Options for a long hairstyle include long or short layering, texturizing, side swept bangs or full bangs, thinning out and highlights or lowlights.

Before you decide on a long hairstyle - whether you want to grow your hair out or get hair extensions, you should try on various styles using hairstyle imaging software. Click on photo, left and above, for more details on how you can do this.

Short Hairstyles

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Short hairstyles are reserved for the ultra-confident women who wants a no-frills style that looks glamorous. Some of the more popular short styles today include the pixie and the ever-lasting bob. The pixie has ultra-short layers that are sooooo easy to style. Imagine spending about 5 minutes styling your hair...

Carey Mulligan is wearing a short hairstyle that features medium length layers in the crown area with very short sides and back. Currently, Carey is wearing a much shorter version of this style and in a blonde color.

With short haircuts, you definitely need to have your accessories and make up top notch. Check out the newly updated celebrity short hairstyles gallery and see some more great options.

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