Men Love Long Hairstyles

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A popular beauty magazine once interviewed 100 men and asked them what hairstyle they liked the best on women. Per usual, the long hairstyle was a favorite pick by the majority of men. While many long hairstyle can be hard to maintain, there are many options today that will make having a long hairstyle much easier.

One of these options is layering. Adding layers throughout a long hairstyle will make it much easier to style and keep looking good. The layers help to take the bulk out of the hair and help it to lay just right.

Another great option is to add hair bangs. There are many different types of bangs - long, side swept, fringe, short, choppy, layered and the full bang. Also, if you don't feel quite adventurous to get bangs cut, try out some clip in hair bangs for an instant new look. Check out some of the latest layering of long hairstyles

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