Hair Styles Using an Afro

Jul 30, 2011 | Labels: | |

It may had been again in the sixties when the afro made its terrific debut. Every morning the male gender could get up and fluff their hair as high as it might move because like flared jeans, the larger the afro the cooler they were. It’s as if one guy awoke with an incredible case of bed-head and everyone decided this used to be the newest trend.

Nowadays, we see afros handiest on occasion. This form of hairstyle has turn into most common in the African-American culture. Celebrities like Beyonce, Macy Gray, and even the celebrity that bares this hairstyle’s name, Afroman, all have at one point or every other had this hairstyle. A lot of the more youthful generation haven’t even heard of this kind of style, mostly as a result of there are such a lot of different ones in the market today.

One of the primary reasons that this style has died out and remained most effective in African culture, is since the African people have a unique texture of hair than such a lot different cultures. Their hair is able to stay in this style so much longer because of the difference in texture and usually appears a lot nicer on them than every other culture within the world.

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